What Do You Want?

What a question! Is “looking good” a big enough goal? Is losing weight or losing fat enough of a goal to last? Does looking good and losing weight create enough WANT in women to change their life and for the long term? In my experience……..the honest TRUTH! NO! Fat loss and dropping dress sizes is … Continue reading “What Do You Want?”

Who Am I?

Am i a personal trainer? Is this what i want to be? What is the difference between a personal trainer and a coach? Is my job helping people to lose weight and get fit or is my job SOOOOOO much more than that!? Can anyone be a personal trainer……………? Should people be researching their personal … Continue reading “Who Am I?”

The Fitness Industry……Right? Wrong? The Right Personal Trainer?

What a minefield!!! Crossfit, yoga, cardio, aerobics, group exercise classes, bootcamps, resistance training, road running, treadmill running, pilates…….the list is endless! Vegan, high protein (meat, fish), vegetarian, macro counting, calorie counting, fasting, regular eating, carb cycling…….the list is endless! So what is right? ALL OF IT! Everyone has an opinion or belief, it works for … Continue reading “The Fitness Industry……Right? Wrong? The Right Personal Trainer?”

Fat Makes You Fat?

We live in the most fat phobic society, skimmed milk, low fat this, low fat that, cut the fat off everything, spray calorie free fat etc. Why? Fat is vital to our wellbeing, it fuels us, gives us energy, nourishes our skin, hair and nails and most importantly, in this case its important i say……helps … Continue reading “Fat Makes You Fat?”