Having a personal trainer used to be seen as expensive and only for the wealthy, but not anymore.

Affordable Personal Training (PT)

Group PT sessions offer great value and a way to gain all the benefits from PT sessions at a reduce rate by sharing costs. Groups of 2-4 can train together at a venue that suits the group. In addition they receive nutrition information and home training programmes enabling them to train in between sessions.

Group exercise sessions

I run group classes such as body transformation programmes, Bootcamp and yummy mummy costing as little as £5 per week.

Hourly Rates

£35 per hour
Joint rates for paired training/group training

Block Packages

6 sessions £192
12 sessions £360

Group Exercise Sessions / Online Plans

LBD Body Transformation Programme £30
Yummy mummy Programme contact Vicki for prices
Bootcamp £6 pay and go or £20 for 4 bootcamps

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