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LBD is a pre event booster plan and introduction to the online membership site.

LBD is a a 10 day plan, it runs in 10 day cycles and can be repeated a number of times and it just WORKS!! It’s perfect to kick start any women’s fat loss journey and is a great pre event booster. It’s also fantastic as an introduction to the online membership site.

LBD Ebook is easy to read and understand therefore can be followed anywhere in the world! Once purchased you will be added to the private, exclusive Facebook forum with over 330 women in. This forum is so motivating, encouraging and has become a fantastic community of like minded women with similar goals.

I am here to help, answer any questions and make this work for you. No questions are silly!!

LBD ebook tells you what to eat, when to eat, how to cook it etc and also includes 2 Home/gym programmes to follow alongside the plan.

How To Get Started?

Send me an email, i am happy to answer any more questions you may have. Once the one off payment of £45 has been paid via bank transfer i send over the plan by email and add you to the forum. You will then read the programme, a few times! Then fire any questions at me or to the forum and decide on a start date! I am then here for you all the way!

NB; this plan is basic. It will kick start your fat loss journey. It gets great results as a pre event booster, the 10 day cycles can be repeated……but for a long term blueprint to follow for life join the online membership site and join the VickiPT community!

Testimonial: Chloe Juby

Chloe Juby Before After

Chloe Juby Before After

Chloe Juby Before After

After getting to the biggest I had ever been over Christmas 2016 and with my wedding looming and a wedding dress 2 sizes smaller than I currently was I decided enough was enough and I had to do something about it! A friend of mine recommended Vicki to me, so I got in touch and booked myself in a meeting with Vicki. We met, I told her what I needed to get down to and how long I had to do it in. With that, Vicki set my first training program and gave me a nutrition plan (LBD plan) and off I went.

I was to see Vicki weekly for weekly weigh ins and measurements to be taken and to make sure I was sticking to plan. After the first week I went for my second session and was amazed what a difference a week of eating the right things, drinking enough water and doing the right training at the gym had done to my body! This was it, I had found something that worked!!!

I spent the next 4 months seeing Vicki every Thursday, her kicking my butt into shape and changing up the gym training program every few weeks. There were hard times, I completely fell off the wagon over Easter but with Vicki’s help and encouragement I soon got back on track. I’ve never enjoyed the gym, I never knew what to do before, now I like challenging myself with the different programs I’m given and actually spending most of my time in the weights section! I was over the moon when I could actually SEE my body changing. Taking the photos to compare really helped. My wedding day arrived and not only did I fit into my wedding dress but I could actually do it up one further onto the next tightest hooks!!!

I felt fabulous and it was all thanks to Vicki and her vast knowledge of health, nutrition and training and I LOVE that I can look at my wedding photos and smile because I was a million miles away from the bloated, lethargic, unhappy Chloe I had been that Christmas. If I can do this, anyone can. I love food and what’s so great is I got to eat 4 meals a day and still lose weight!!! If you want to be healthier, feel more alive than you’ve ever felt and lose some pounds then contact Vicki! I’m so pleased I did!

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