Golf Biomechanic

Improve your golf with my bespoke golf fitness programme.

I am a trained C.H.E.K golf bio mechanic and have extensive knowledge and experience in developing bespoke training programmes to Golfers that want to improve consistency, hit the ball further and generally improve their whole game. I will carry out an in depth assessment and then write bespoke programmes including a flexibility programme, core and posture programme and then on to strength and power programmes.

All my golf programmes are bespoke and meet an individual need. Get in touch for more details or to discuss your golfing goals.

In addition I write a monthly blog with some great nutritional and fitness tips visit

Jack Garnett

I got in touch with Vicki, last November, when I had a hip and back injuries. A couple of weeks after I got my first plan the pain had gone! Since then Vicki has been giving me programmes every 4-6 weeks to specifically help improve my golf. All of the programmes that I’ve had keep the enjoyment in my training and help me move forward physically without feeling like it’s a chore! And they have without a doubt helped me a lot on the golf course!
Jack Garnett

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