Yummy Mummy Fitness

‘Mummy Tummy’ to ‘Yummy Mummy’

A programme specifically written to help fellow Mummy’s get back their pre-baby bod as safely & quickly as possible. The exercises within the programme are designed to target all muscle groups affected by pregnancy and birth and are tailored to the type of birth you experienced. The course will also help you to create a support network, meeting other new mummy’s in the same situation as you.

Choices of classes are:

  • Baby Bootcamp
  • Team Buggy Fitness
  • Natural Tummy Tuck Classes

(All classes include a Nutrition Pack)

Vicki says: Pregnancy, twice, has been a huge journey for me, I have been training pre and post natal women for years, however, it’s not until now, 2 babies on myself that I feel I can truly train pre and post natal at my best.

I wrote the yummy mummy exercise and nutrition programme to help fellow mummy’s safely and effectively get back to their pre-baby body as quickly as possible. I designed the exercises to target all the muscles most effected by pregnancy and birth to get them back to fully functioning ways.

Yummy Mummy is also designed to get you out of the house meeting people who are in that exact same boat as you. I feel this is very important as pregnancy pre or post can be very lonely and daunting. Yummy Mummy classes run all year around and from various venues. Come to a set class, time and day or set up your own classes with your ante-natal, NCT, baby groups.

Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy

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