About me

Over 16 year experience in the fitness industry

Studying extensively in everything nutrition, fitness, health and lifestyle and gaining huge amounts of experience along the way.

  • CHEK
    Practitioner 1
  • CHEK Golf Biomechanics
  • CHEK
    HLC 2
  • PCIP 1

I am continuing my education all the time to be the best I can be for my clients.

I have a passion for helping people! It’s what I do and who I am!

My mission is to help as many women as possible worldwide become the best version of themselves.

Female fat loss is my “thing”!…

vicki with barbell

It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle… all the pieces need to come together to get that end result!

It’s all about the full package, bringing everything together to achieve long term sustainable fat loss and the best YOU! Nutrition, quality training, mindset and lifestyle.

I’m a mummy of 2 beautiful children, Owen aged 7, phoebe aged 4 and a wife to my husband Sean……..They are my world!

Your journey starts here and I would love to be that person that helps you achieve your goals.

vicki with family

Vicki has helped hundreds of women change for the better, are you ready to join them?


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