Team Titans Kids

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What To Expect…

Team Titans Vicki
  • Functional movement! Squat lunge bend push pull twist and gait!!! All the movements to thrive!
  • Confidence! Yessss confidence in body movement & to feel STRONG mentally and physically!
  • Stability, mobility, strength, fitness…….balance, proprioception, control!
  • I CAN DO THIS!! Functional movement brings a mindset of “I believe I can”
  • Future-proofing!! Injury prevention, laying down habits and the belief that training is “normal” In life! Showing our small humans that training can make us FEEL amazing!
  • Education!!! Educating our small people!! Not just in movement but Sam and Vicki will sneakily be teaching them about fueling their body too!

Instilling Lifelong Fitness

Team Titans Sam

Make friends!! Have fun!! Celebrate what their little bodies can do!

Classes available:
Ages 5-8
Ages 8-13
Ages 13-16

1-1 sessions also available.

Contact Vicki for more information.


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