Next Level Programmes

The Next Level with Vicki PT

12 week BOOST (this isn’t a flash in the pan programme, this is a BOOST!). If you feel you need a little nudge, a push, extra accountability to really get your flow then this is for YOU!

The Next Level
  • Completely ONLINE so you can join anywhere in the world
  • Weekly Online Small Group Meet Ups Via Zoom – we go through goals of the week, what’s worked, what hasn’t and what we will achieve by the week after, stats weekly sent to Vicki for that extra accountability
  • Small group WhatsApp chat with unlimited access – you message in here everyday if you need to!!
  • Exclusive “Next Level” recipe books and 12 week food plans and training programmes – written for SUCCESS
  • 12 Weeks membership included OR if you are a member a big reduction in cost
  • Master Your Mindset Workshop With Vicki
  • Guest Speaker Workshop.

If you feel you need that extra push to start 2024 off for you then this is IT!
I will be offering to members only FIRST, if all spaces (12) go within the tribe it will not open to the public

APPLICATION ONLY: we will decide together if this is right for you


From £350


Level Up with Vicki PT

Vicki’s platinum support system. This programme has NO time limit, we go until we need to. This is the ultimate 1-1 package.

Level Up

  • This is for women that are coachable. That are willing to be mentored and take the tough love sometimes! They will do what needs to be done. Even if its uncomfortable!!
  • This is more than fat loss, more than fitness, its for true strength, health and long term, long lasting results!
  • 1 hour 1-1 session WEEKLY
  • Very small group WhatsApp group (level up ladies only)
  • UNLIMITED whatsapp contact with Vicki, she is HERE for YOU 100% and when you need her.
  • Health tracker every 12 weeks to track progress
  • This package is a life changing package. It holds you hand, it will push you to make changes and WILL get you the results you have maybe been dreaming of for a long time.
  • Membership to the transformation tribe included or a discount on the level up package of you are a member already (membership is REQUIRED to get involved)
  • This package is for women that are FED UP with feeling awful about themselves, FED UP with hating what they see in the mirror, FED UP with having zero purpose in life and need a fire lit inside of them.
  • This is for women that WANT MORE from themselves and desperately want to stop that recurring self sabotage.
  • This is for women that want a FULL TRANSFORMATION…..physically, mentally and emotionally!!

WHY NOT YOU!? Why can you not have not all? The body, the career or business, the family, the mindset and the life you desire…… I know its possible and I can make it happen!
Vicki opens this to 5 people ONLY
(contact Vicki to go on the wait list or to see if there is a space available)

APPLICATION ONLY: Vicki will decide if this is right for you.

From £200pm

Whatsapp Vicki 07921075212 for a serious conversation.

Vicki has helped hundreds of women change for the better, are you ready to join them?


6 monthly & yearly memberships NOW AVAILABLE!