Personal Training & Nutrition

Whatever your goal, I can help you get there.

Vicki starts off with an assessment, this assessment includes in-depth nutritional coaching (this is essential) in which Vicki emails over everything you need… Nutrition Pack, Food Plans etc.

This assessment also allows Vicki to find out more about your body, its needs, its level and where to go from here regarding programme design. After the assessment your fitness / health journey commences!

Where to Find Vicki

Vicki has her own private PT Studio, exclusive to her clients.

Located in the village of Feering / Kelvedon, right off the A12. It’s completely private – so no gym membership, no interuptions, real 1-1 personal training.


1-1 Training Sessions

Once per week, twice per week or more. Once per month / every 6 – 8 weeks. Whever suits your budget. Talk to Vicki, she wants to help this work for you and your life. Your goal becomes her goal.

Personal Training Programmes

Have a 1-1 session to assess, progress, re-programmes and check in every 4 – 12 weeks (depending on budget). As little as ยฃ35 per 4 – 12 weeks. Everyone needs someone to be accountable to.

Group Personal Training

Train with a friend and split the cost! Send Vicki a message to find out more.

Online Personal Training

Online Membership Site is Coming Soon.

Jodie Body Transformation

Jodie Body Transformation

Jodie Body Transformation

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I want to help you!

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