Top Tips For Busy Women

Top Tips For Busy Women Im absolutely a busy woman!  Juggling children, a business, a home, a husband and everything else that goes with it.  Here are my top tips for busy women……… Get help Get help!!!  Let go of thinking you can do everything yourself!  Want to lose weight, get fit, get strong, feel … Continue reading “Top Tips For Busy Women”

Your Future Self

Your Future Self……..Do You Know Her? Your future self, that person in the future you want to be!  If you heard two people talking about you what would you want them to be saying?  Who do you aspire to be?  If you were to put on some life goggles and zoom out, how would you … Continue reading “Your Future Self”

The Importance Of A Programme

The Importance Of A Programme…… Structure, routine and the knowing you are doing something an expert has set.  The importance of following a programme!  No thinking about what you are going to do…..wasting precious training time figuring it all out!  Avoiding randomly picking programmes off of youtube, continuously doing one “HIIT” programme after another (eye … Continue reading “The Importance Of A Programme”

Crash Dieting Shit Storm

The Crash Dieting Shit Storm This is an unfiltered blog!  If you haven’t listened to my podcast on this topic please do!  Crash dieting shit storm ruining women lives!  I am incredibly passionate about this subject and its my mission to get women away from these diets forever! Expense….. Are you really ok with spending … Continue reading “Crash Dieting Shit Storm”

What Does Success Look Like?

What Does Success Look Like? Is success looking like someone else?  Somebody else’s body?  Or is it something unrealistic?  What success looks like to you is SO important………i see women striving for something thats not even there a lot of the time…..honestly, i did it for years! striving for that instagram body…. Its unlikely that … Continue reading “What Does Success Look Like?”

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