For Busy Plate Spinning Women

For busy plate spinning women, it can be done, you CAN do all the things and stay sane………….here are my top tips as to how!


Know when, know what and book YOU in your diary like a VERY important appointment!!  DO what you say you are going to do, there is no room for excuses when you are a busy plate spinning woman!!

There is ALWAYS a way!  ALWAYS!  When there isn’t is usually when that busy woman doesn’t want to find a way (said with love)  Structure, routine and PLANNING is key but there is ALWAYS a way.  Seek help to support you, guide you and tell you to get on with it when you need that!


Get OVER mum guilt (if you are a mummy!)  We are damn important too!!!!!!  Actually when you think about it, we are the MOST important???  Captain of the ship, the CEO of the house……….if the captain or CEO goes down what happens?  YOU are important.  YOU deserve time to take care of YOU.  Happy mummy, happy kids!  Ps they watch your every move, look up to you, copy you and look to you for their normals and how it should be…… them the way!!!

The plates spin when the spinner is in control………how do we keep the plates spinning?  By feeling strong, energetic, capable, in control and full of health!!!!  The plates DROP when you feel like shit!!!  So, stop saying i will take care of me “when things whiten down” or “when things are not so chaotic”!!  Life is chaotic, learn to take care of you regardless!!  


“Being kind to yourself”……..lets discuss this.  Being kind to yourself is NOT sitting down after a long day with a glass of wine and chocolate…….thats actually just neglect and makes the following day EVEN HARDER!!  Being kind to yourself is spending less time scrolling facebook and more time prepping your food for the day.  Being kind to yourself is not watching 3 hours of Netflix in the evening, its taking 30 minutes of that to do some exercise.  Being kind to yourself is PUTTING YOU FIRST once in a while and respecting your health.  If you want those plates to keep spinning then be kind to yourself!!

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