Do More Things That Scare You

I urge you to do more things that scare you.  Step out of your comfort zone and go for it, what is the worst that can happen!?  We tend to run from scary things but what if we ran towards it!!

Run From Fear!

Fear is something everyone wants to get away from!  I actively seek it out now!  What comes with fear is growth…….just because something scares you, does not mean you shouldn’t do it!  Actually i’m learning that if we do more things that scare us we are more likely do do even more scarier things which in turn grows us into a fearless badass (ps i do not think you ever get fearless but less than you are right now!)

Fear Of Failure

Fear is the number one emotion that holds us back.  Failure,  you are not good enough, being scared someone may judge you, fear someone may not like you………all these things mean NOTHING!  You fail?  You learn.  Your not good enough? (subjective!) you learn!  Someone judges you?  Probably more a judgement on themselves!  Someone may not like you!??????  Oh well, cant win them all!!  You will NEVER be liked by everyone…….say goodbye with love!

Thing is we get this one life, its reasonably short, the days may feel long but the years are short!  Do you want to spend your whole life saying no because you are scared???  

The Fat Loss & Health Cycle!

Lets look at fat loss and health…….you have failed numbers of times before so you are too scared to try again?  Maybe you just failed those times before because they were not the right time for you?  Perhaps you failed before because you made the wrong choice…….you learnt from that poor decision?  Perhaps you had to fail 3 times at a crash diet before it sunk in that its BS!!! 

Being scared makes us alive!!  Pushes us to step out of our comfort zone!!  Drives us forward to that next level of ourselves!  Do more things that scare you!!!!!!!!!  My task to you;  do something this week that scares you and then let me know what that is.

I was scared of failure and avoided scary things most of my life…….i came out the other side and look for scary things now!!  Need help?  Send me a message on my Website or come and find me over on Instagram or Facebook


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