Who has YOUR Back

You are chef, worker, cleaner, organiser, emotional punch bag……… do everything for everyone…….BUT who is there for you?  Who has YOU back?Why is it that we, as women decide we need to be EVERYTHING and have NOTHING??  Well, actually, i do not think like this at all anymore………it makes women miserable and the day they realise that they are IMPORTANT is a big life changing one that everyone gets to benefit from…….do NOT suffer forever feeling EMPTY! 

Why Is It Selfish?

Why is it selfish to put money aside for YOU?  To join a gym, to employ a trainer (this could just be once a month) To join a membership (less that £9 per week to cover your whole health and get the support you need!).  The kids always get put first, women feel bad as that money “could” pay for little Timmys rugby practice, that money could go towards a holiday…….however, the longer we think like this and continue to put ourselves at the bottom of the pile the more miserable and destroyed you become, eventually just making everyone else miserable when they are around you too!

Mentors, Support, Guidance & Cheerleaders!

As humans we need support!  Mentoring!  Guidance!  Well, technically we do not need it BUT those that have it in my opinion are showing up as a better more driven motivated version of themselves………WHY ON EARTH “should” you be able to do everything yourself???

Sounding Boards!

I have the most amazing business buddies that i sound board everything off of.  There are also amazing coaches in my life that help with my training (yep, every trainer needs a trainer!).  I have friends that help with my mindset!  I have had mentors in all aspect of my life!  Get the support you need!!  Its not weak, it is sooooooo smart to get someone to help you get to where you want to be!!  If you want extraordinary then its a MUST!

Again, Who Has Your Back?

Who has YOUR back?  Where do you turn to when you need help or support?  Its not selfish to have that place or person, its smart!  The problem with this world is it makes alot of people not feel worthy or enough.  Society teaches us that we “should” be able to do everything ourselves!  Truth is this is rubbish!!  Go get the help you need.

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