Vicki PT

Organised Like A Boss

Organised Like A Boss To be organised like a boss…….it really is the key to success. “Life is too short to be organised” I call BULLSHIT on that!!  Being organised is ESSENTIAL to success……you can be in organised chaos but spontaneity DOES NOT work in a busy life!!  Plan WHEN, plan WHAT, plan HOW!  When … Continue reading “Organised Like A Boss”

Who has YOUR Back

Who has YOUR Back You are chef, worker, cleaner, organiser, emotional punch bag……… do everything for everyone…….BUT who is there for you?  Who has YOU back?Why is it that we, as women decide we need to be EVERYTHING and have NOTHING??  Well, actually, i do not think like this at all anymore………it makes women miserable … Continue reading “Who has YOUR Back”

Vicki PT

Turning I Can’t Into I Can

Turning I Can’t Into I Can Turning i can’t into i can may feel impossible to you who has said “i can’t” for so long……….let me give you some tips on changing this Ban Can’t From Your Vocabulary STOP using can’t.  BAN it from your vocabulary!  Every time you say “i can’t” ask yourself how … Continue reading “Turning I Can’t Into I Can”

Vicki PT

Doing Less But Better

Doing Less But Better Doing less but better……..what does this even mean?  Exactly that!  Doing less but getting better results!!!  I have learnt the hard way over the years but now have the tools to really shout about this! Less Is More When Quality Is There Less is more when quality is there!!  It took … Continue reading “Doing Less But Better”

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