How To Create A Strong Confident Body

So, how to create a strong confident body…… it even possible?  Have you tried so many times you have lost all faith that its even achievable?  I have been working with women for over 19 years and i can tell you IT IS POSSIBLE and it is EASIER than you think.  Let me give you my top tips………….

lift weights

Lift Weights!!  PREECH!  (no shame!)  Lifting weeks makes you feel like a badass……….NO other form of training can make you feel like it!  You do not have to have tons of equipment (a kettlebell will do!!) to “lift weights”!  Building lean muscle tissue changes your shape, everything feels tighter and over time you start LOVING your sculpted body parts more than ever before! (follow a programme…… track your way to svelteness!!)

little bit of love

Treat it with TLC, respect and love!  Eat well!!  I do not mean go on a stupid crash diet…….this is neglect (yep slimming world, weight watchers, herbashite…….these are all included in “crash diet”!!)  Stop cutting foods out and start adding them IN!  The good fats, the veggies, the proteins and cut down on all the “fake foods”!  Its OK to stop and prioritise fuelling your amazing body!  Real food, water and super regularly!


Invest in it!  Time and money.  Your health, fitness and YOU are important!  STOP deciding that “other” things come first……………YOU hold the key to your teams joy…….you are unhappy, so is everyone else close to you!!   

health tracker

Talk nicely to me!

Talk nicely to it!   Enough of talking profanities to yourself in the mirror!!  Repeat after me……..MY BODY IS AMAZING!  ITS NOT THE SAME AS ANYONE ELSES (hooray!)!  I LOVE MY MUSCULAR THIGHS (if this relates to you!) MY SCARS ARE PART OF ME, I LOVE THEM!  WORKING ON MY AMAZING SELF!  When you can make peace with yourself, changing your body becomes EFFORTLESS!

challenge that body!

Challenge it!  There is a time to be kind and then there is a time to be tough!  If you want to feel great then you need to take action…….how many times can we say “tomorrow” or “when life is normal again”???  If you want a strong, confident body then you better start working on it! 

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Kate Turner

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