Training, Nutrition & Health Whilst Pregnant

Training, nutrition & health whilst pregnant, do we need to worry?  OF COURSE we do!!  If anything we should be thinking about this MORE.  Strong, fit, healthy pregnancies should be the ultimate goal.

You are pregnant NOT ill!  (yes i know, before anyone says……some people have complications that should be considered…….)

What you do, you continue to do!  Keep your lifestyle as active and health driven as possible………

Keep Training!

TRAIN!  Prioritise strength training……YES lifting weights!  Building that lean muscle and support around the joints makes pregnancy soooooooo much easier!  Do not be afraid, but if you are GET HELP!  STRONG HEALTHY PREGNANCY!

You Are A Fine Ferrari!!

Fuel yourself like a fine Ferrari!!  “eating for 2” is BS!  “i can eat what i want because i’m pregnant” is BS!  You are now carrying VERY precious cargo so treat it that way by getting all the good stuff in.  Protein and fat for energy, do not be afraid of extra carbohydrates and try not to rely on sugar on the tired days.  

Afternoon Naps For The Win!!

Sleep……get those naps in!!  OH MY GOODNESS……in my first pregnancy i LOVED my daytime naps……i wish i had embraced them more!!  Sleep when pregnant is VITAL (or anytime come to think of it!)  

MOT That Body!

See a physio / osteopath throughout……our female bodies go through a lot, keep it in check with physical therapy!  Our posture really takes a hiding so have someone help you.  By keeping on top of this you will be able to keep active, train and be a pregnant badass!  

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