NewMan Masterplan 90

The Ultimate Plan For Men To Shed Fat, Improve Your Fitness & Kickstart Your Health

  • What to Eat
  • When to Eat
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Home Programmes
  • WhatsApp Check in’s
  • 100% Support & Guidance
Healthy Man, 90 Day Challenge

For men that are BUSY and need a plan to fit around a family, a career and a busy life.

  • For men that want sustainability
  • For men that KNOW they need to address their health for the future
  • Training programmes to follow from home OR a gym if you prefer
  • 90 days to lay the foundations to then move onto a more bespoke periodised plan
  • Nutritional principles that work, training programmes to shed fat and increase fitness FAST and support from a trainer with over 2 decades of experience
  • 90 days that will completely change your life forever!

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