I had only 8 weeks before my wedding and during that time 3 hen do’s to attend. However I was committed to feel great and look great for on my wedding day and I did! I started personal training sessions with Vicki and stuck to her eating plans and the exercise routine and got to my goal weight with 2 weeks to spare. But most importantly I felt great in my and I think the pictures say it all.
Lauren Wilson, Personal Training

I lost 4 stone and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. It’s a good feeling getting fit – No going back!
Paul Randall, FitGrooms

I have been training with Vicky for about 3 months now, I couldn’t thank her enough for all she has done for me with the Body Transformation program. The back up support with my diet and nutrition, to home programs, also our one to one sessions I look forward to each time! Vicki has kept me dedicated and given me a massive confidence boost, I’ve changed so much and couldn’t have done it without Vicki! Thank you for all your support, there’s no way I’m going back now ๐Ÿ™‚
Sarah Eves (Body Transformation Programme)

All the money we spent on the wedding, the best money was spent, losing weight and getting fitter and the lovely thing was we did it together.
Samantha Randall, FitBrides

Since seeing Vicki for personal training sessions I have grown in confidence in coming to the gym. It’s been hard work but I have really noticed a difference in my body shape. I feel healthier, I have more energy and I actually enjoy exercise now and it’s all thanks to Vicki!!
Sara Ridgewell, Personal Training

I simply feel fantastic, I have more energy, I enjoy getting dressed in the mornings because clothes fit and feel nice – Best thing I ever did!
Fiona Osborne, 28 Day Lose Weight Forever

Being a health professional and having an interest in fitness for many years, I was keen to find someone to help me maintain a positive lifestyle. Vicki has been invaluable in helping me attain this in so many ways. She shows me how to weight train which I find hard to do so on my own. She gives me loads of advice about eating for exercise and weight control and I have passed this on to my patients. Most of all I value her cheery demeanour and endless support when I feel down in the dumps. She can most certainly multitask by driving you on with training and listening at the same time!!
Mary Best, GP

Without Vicki I would not stick to my exercise regime at all. She makes it fun and changes the routines to keep me on my toes. Vicki is always so very positive and cheerful and makes the grind acceptable!!!
David Masters, Home Training

I was absolutely delighted to lose 10lbs with Vicki’s nutritional advice. The programme was easy to follow and I was never hungry. It was great to have Vicki there to contact at any time when I had questions or needed support. she helped me have the initial confidence I needed that I could lose the weight and encouraged me all the way through. The best thing is, the weight has stayed off and my eating habits have changed for ever. I feel physically better and have confidence that I can make the right choices in my nutrition.
Harriet Balcombe, 14 Day Weight Loss

I lost 1 stone 3 lbs in 2 weeks!! I found it easy, was never hungry and really valued the support from Vicki. Vicki was on the end of the phones whenever I had any questions or queries and was very motivational on those days you could raid the cupboard! I had a very specific, personal goal and with the priceless help from Vicki I reached that goal. I still follow the principles to the diet and have kept off all of the weight and more, I feel healthier, I have more energy and I would NEVER go back to how I was eating before.
Jo Koster, 14 Day Weight Loss

Vicki is fantastic, she really knows her profession and can help you to tone, lose weight and even how to improve pain after an injury and still work out. She knows just how far to push you to enable you to reach your goals.
Sarah Case (1-1 Personal Training)

I have been having personal training sessions for nearly 6 years with Vicki, wow time fly’s. I visit Vicki every 6-8 weeks where we have a review and a new programme based on my goals. This works great for me as I get all the benefits of personal training but at a price I can afford. Plus it really works to have a programme update and a regular review, it keeps me motivated and aware of my goals. I keep where possible to the nutrition programme, not always easy to keep your protein intake up when you’re a vegetarian, however Vicki’s smoothie bar recipes really help to ensure I am getting all the nutrients and protein my body needs. The results are amazing I have increased my muscle tone and I am the fittest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been. I feel energised and ready to cope with my full on everyday life. Thanks Vicki.
Sam Groeber (Personal Training every 6-8 weeks)

I love doing Bootcamps because it is such a friendly atmosphere, we have a lovely space to do it in, I feel I work much harder, than when I’m on my own but if I’m a bit lethargic I can take it easy. Have been doing this Bootcamp for a couple of years now and hope to be doing it for many more.
Jodie Barden (Bootcamp participant)

The phrase “Bootcamp” can often inspire a look of fear & dread on people’s faces, with answer of I’d die, well, that’s because you’ve never been to one of Vicki’s Bootcamps!. The friendliest instructor you could ever meet, Vicki will soon vanish any lingering memories of a Sergeant Major barking orders at you in the mud! That’s not to say Bootcamps aren’t hard work, they are! But with a group of men & women all supporting one another & having fun, you’ll start looking forward to your next session. With an excellent selection of equipment from slamballs (a personal favourite ) to dumbbells, battling ropes to prowlers, Vicki will make sure you’ve given every Bootcamp your all.
Gary Seaward – (Bootcamp participant)

Love your Bootcamps Vicki! First time I came was over a year ago and I didn’t know anyone, you made me feel so welcome, checking I was doing my exercises right and encouraging me to my best. Everyone is supportative of each other, whatever their fitness levels, keep doing what your doing Vicki.
Samantha Selby (Bootcamp participant)

Vicki’s Bootcamps are fantastic in so many ways as someone who usually feels very inadequate and self conscious when taking part in sports, I don’t mind admitting I was very nervous when finally plucked you the courage to attend and try to improve myself; I needn’t of worried. Vicki’s knowledge and enthusiasm together with her great encouragement make her Bootcamps a fantastic way to get fit. She manages to tailor her teaching to both men and women, young and old, at every level of fitness without anyone being excluded. We have the use of a fantastic indoor arena but can also go outside if the weather permits , but you will NEVER have to get muddy doing Vicki’s Bootcamps. These Bootcamps are hard work but everyone encourages each other and I cannot recommend them highly enough. An added bonus that Vicki’s extensive knowledge of good nutrition so if you listen to her advice and watch your diet you will loose weight too.
Donna Briggs

After having my 1st baby I was keen to lose my baby weight so I started Vicki’s bootcamps which I still do and love!! I was also keen to sort my tummy muscles out which eparated, as you can see from the pictures. By following Vicki’s natural tummy tuck programme I’ve changed my tummy and I am so proud ! Iam so pleased with the results so far and I am sticking with Vicki to help me achieve my next goals!
KaleyBentley (Tummy Tuck participant)

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