Doing Less But Better

Doing less but better……..what does this even mean?  Exactly that!  Doing less but getting better results!!!  I have learnt the hard way over the years but now have the tools to really shout about this!

Less Is More When Quality Is There

Less is more when quality is there!!  It took me years to learn this personally!!  I used to OVERTRAIN……or under recover………its POINTLESS and actually adrenally fatigued me and made my body look like shite!!  If your programming is designed right then actually you can do a lot less and get better results!

The Cardio Drain

STOP wasting your time with endless, mindless long duration, cortisol releasing cardio!!  COME ON!!  Most people go to the gym to change their body right?  Be honest, its ok to say you are going for aesthetics!!  Of course for mental health too BUT if we are all honest it is also to improve our bodies!!!  STOP boring yourself (unless you are training for an endurance event of course) with the cross trainer for 45 minutes and use your muscles, functional movements and strength to not only improve your body but your long term health too!  BONUS…….we can achieve soooooo much more in less time lifting weights!

Routine Wins!

Have structure, routine and progression.  I used to watch women do the SAME thing in the gym daily for years……………do the same thing, get the same results!  Im not saying it has to be drastically different BUT change the exercises, the reps, the sets, the tempos……..have weeks you lift heavy, weeks its lighter and more focused on activation…….FOLLOW A PROGRAMME!  Go into the gym with purpose ALWAYS!

Recovery Time

RECOVERY!  Yesssssss its OK to have days off training, actually it makes the days you do train more effective!  Training 6-7 days a week is taxing!  Especially if you are a busy human being………..less with more recovery days can actually bring the most optimal results!  Again, have structure, know when you will train, know the days that are active recovery…………let go of the guilt!!!  

Living In The Gym……

90 minutes in the gym?  Not for me or my clients and members!!  Its NOT necessary!  If you are training properly 40 minutes is ENOUGH!  Actually, a lot of my programming is just 20 minutes, some of my programming is 7 minutes!!!  By spending hours in the gym DOES NOT mean you have necessarily achieved a lot…….actually, if i following my programming for 90 minutes it would be counter productive!

Less is more!  Doing less but better!  I am a huge advocate of this.  Find someone to show you the way, i would love to help if any of the above is YOU!  Reach out, send me a message or come and join my amazing tribe of women!

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