Lets Make 2022 Count

Lets make 2022 count!  This year i truly believe things will be better, things will get easier and we will all get back to the normality that we have all been so desperate to find.  Lets make 2022 count……..

Ready For Change?

back to you!

We cannot keep using cover as an excuse as to why we feel so awful.  We have to at some point decide that its TIME!!  NOW is that time, 2022 HAS to be a better year, there has to be more positive than negative!  Have you set goals for 2022?  Do you know who you want to be by the end of 2022?  Who is that future you?

Top tips to get fired up

Know your reasons why……write them down, print them out, stick them up so that you can see them everyday.  I set a task for my members to come up with 10 reasons why.  Losing weight needs to come nearer the bottom of the 10 and the more important stuff above that enables weight loss to be effortless!  For example;  to be a fantastic role model to my children.  To show up in ALL aspects of my life as the best version of me.  Health!!  To live a long FULL healthy life that is abundant in ENERGY!  Reading this daily WILL pick you up when you are feeling down and like you want to give up.


who do you want to be

Lethargic, can’t be bothered to do anything, lacking self esteem and confidence you?  Or someone who takes care of her health, loves going out and socialising in her fave clothes, wakes up feeling great and ready to take on the day?  If you do not know who you want to be and how that you behaves then its hard to know what you are striving for!!!  I have a template on my site “the future you”, we get clear on who that is!!  Then you can remind yourself daily!!

2022 im coming for you!!

I want this year personally to be my best yet, in business, in my personal life and my health and fitness!  I am going all in on helping people achieve their goals……i have a very exciting NEW programme starting in March!  My 20 day to new year transformation STARTS on the 10th January (doors open on the 3rd january) come and get involved here


20 days change! This was achieved in 20 days, you can too!


20 Day To New Year Transformation, link in bio 

My diary is packed and i’m ready to go go go!  After a big injury in 2021 i am going hard on getting back to full fitness, better than before!  2022 HAS to be great for us all!  Need help, i am your girl!!

before after
20 days pic!! This is in 20 days!

Its the 1st of January 2022.  Reflect.  Plan.  Decide what you want from this year.  I’m ready!  Are you????

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