From Me To You

From me to you with love.  Its tempting to say F it and give up this side of Christmas but if i could give you one bit of advice this Christmas it would be to CARRY ON, START or at least make a plan in advance of January.

start before christmas

START BEFORE CHRISTMAS!  If every single year you have tuned out from now then make this year different!!  Remember how it feels to be bloated, heavy and mentally feeling rubbish come January 2nd?????  Make this year different………..a Christmas present to you is to START your health fitness and fat loss journey BEFORE Christmas!!!!  Christmas is NOT just about stuffing your face, getting drunk and sleeping in…… can be different!


Do not go through Christmas without training!!  You have MORE time to fit these training sessions in so DO IT!  It WILL make you feel BETTER!!  Simple! 

get ahead, use christmas!

A huge part of success is knowing how to achieve it so that plan you want to sign up for in January…….sign up NOW!!  Spend the Christmas evenings reading what you need to do, getting in the know of “how” and making a plan rather than sitting in front of another shitty tv programme you have watched for 5 Christmas’s in a row!!!

damage control

Eat well AROUND the indulgences…………just because its Christmas does not mean breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between needs to be a poor choice!!  Be smart about this……….wake up in January feeling like you have been blown up by a tyre pump OR wake up in January not feeling too bad and in control!

you are important too!  self care

SELF CARE!  Christmas is a time mums do EVERYTHING for their children……….we think about everyone else………..we rush around like headless chickens………..take some time to just do something for you!!  Things you REALY enjoy doing, calms your brain and makes you feel GOOD!

Ready to start before Christmas??  If yes, this excites me too much!!!!  I happy dance when someone decides before Christmas!!


January is a VERY busy time of year for me, if you are thinking of booking 1-1 sessions or into my conditioning classes please do so in December!!  Usually by end of December i’m full for January and February!!



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