Become An Expert In Not Giving Up

Become an expert in not giving up can actually be easy……if you know how!  We are all experts in lots of things including overthinking or playing the what if movies in our head.  Why not become an expert in something more beneficial like discipline or “under thinking!!”.  It doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes repeated action.


Becoming an expert takes repeated action!  Committing to learning that “thing”.   Deciding that you will become good at something means continuously putting effort into it.  So to become an expert in NOT giving up requires continuously putting effort into just that!   STOP giving up…….decide to do the opposite!

Lets Become Experts In Discipline

Discipline is a muscle, the more we work it, the stronger it gets!   Decide that you will keep going no matter what.  Make the decision that the excuse party wont win!  Make the choice to DO what you say you are going to DO!  Eventually, “DOING” becomes YOU, giving up becomes a thing of the past!  Is it that simple?  YES IT IS!

Guess What!!

Guess what?  Your brain is clever!  If giving up is a repeated action, something you just do, then your brain thinks this is what you want!!!  Going gets tough, give up.  Going gets tough, give up.  Eventually, going gets tough, default reaction, give up!!!  CHANGE IT!!!  Know yourself, get self aware and if this is something thats engrained in you then do the work to change it……….going gets tough, do something else!  Repeat this until that default response is different!!

DO What You Say You Are Going To Do

A BIG BIG way to start becoming an expert in NOT giving up………doing what you say you are going to do!  No matter what!  If you are going to eat a salad……eat the damn salad!  If you are going to train, TRAIN, even if its adapted, you do it anyway!

Heres The Question

BIG Q!  What do you want to be an expert in?  Giving up, repeating the same cycle, ALWAYS playing yo yo with your body goals?  OR do you want to become an expert in resilience?  Achieve what you maybe thought you never could?  Actually improve your health, body and mind for good?  Remind yourself every single step of the way what YOU want to become an expert in!!!

Need help?  I am your woman!  Helping women become an expert in their own health, not giving up and completely transforming their life!!

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