Top Tips On Successfully Working Out From Home

My top tips on successfully working out at home…….it doesn’t have to be boring or “not motivating” enough……actually it can be a game changer for consistency and results!!!

Stop The Overthinking

DO NOT overthink it!  A workout is a workout, from a gym, from home, it doesn’t matter…….getting it done is the most important part!  A gym doesn’t make the workout easier or more motivating……thats down to you!

Try and have a workout “space”……….a room or garage or area that you consistently use.  Pop us a few affirmations, your favourite pictures, pop up a whiteboard to write all your workouts on.  Make your space motivating to you!

Just DO IT!

JUST DO IT!!!  Stop using excuses like “i would be so much more motivated in the gym”!!!!  Guess what??  When life gets busy and it takes you ten minutes to get to the gym, ten minutes to get home and you have to wait for all the equipment you want then someone pinches your weights you will not be saying the same thing!  Learning to DO the workout, no matter where you are is when the magic happens.

You Want To Make Your Life Easier?

Remember, working out from home makes life easier!!  If you work out the house (we all will be soon!!  Back to the grind right!) you are juggling children, have a life outside work then being able to train at home is nothing but a gift!!!  It can mean you are HOME and achieving all the things at the same time!  Not constantly missing the gym because your home late or the kids don’t want you to leave!

Get Help!!

Have programmes to follow!!!!!!  A kettlebell, a set of dumbbells and you are away……if your programming is right!  Fast and effective workouts you can do whilst the dinner cooks………….well written programmes to get OPTIMAL results…..lets face it, who has time to waste it on ineffective workouts (sorry, tough but true!)

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