Vicki PT

Lets Make 2022 Count

Lets Make 2022 Count Lets make 2022 count!  This year i truly believe things will be better, things will get easier and we will all get back to the normality that we have all been so desperate to find.  Lets make 2022 count…….. back to you! We cannot keep using cover as an excuse as … Continue reading “Lets Make 2022 Count”

Vicki PT

From Me To You

From Me To You From me to you with love.  Its tempting to say F it and give up this side of Christmas but if i could give you one bit of advice this Christmas it would be to CARRY ON, START or at least make a plan in advance of January. start before christmas … Continue reading “From Me To You”

Vicki PT

Thriving The Winter

Thriving The Winter Thriving the winter can be easy when we know how but a lot of years i just see people surviving!  Getting themselves through winter in the hope and anticipation of spring…… about we just work hard at thriving the winter? Get outdoors Get outside!  We wont melt!  Its not going to harm … Continue reading “Thriving The Winter”

Vicki PT

Are You Really Being Kind?

Are You Really Being Kind? What is being kind to yourself?  Are you really being kind to yourself by “letting yourself off” and by eating junk food because you have had a hard day?  Lets discuss being kind!! What Does Being Kind Mean? This phrase is thrown around at the moment, i’m just not sure … Continue reading “Are You Really Being Kind?”

Vicki PT

Size Matters

SIZE MATTERS Size matters?  Let me make myself a bit clearer…….does your dress size matter?  Are they even real or the same in one shop to another?  Does your size define how fit, strong or healthy you are?  The truth is, none of it matters!!! shop sizes Come onnnnnn!!  Do not overthink sizes in shops……..they … Continue reading “Size Matters”

Vicki PT

Say Goodbye To Crash Dieting

Say Goodbye To Crash Dieting Are you ready to say goodbye to crash dieting forever?  Fed up with going from one diet to another, feeling great for a short time to feeling absolutely rubbish again and the cycle to continue?  To say goodbye to crash dieting requires change, can feel uncomfortable BUT it will by … Continue reading “Say Goodbye To Crash Dieting”

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