Free Yourself From Social Media Comparison

To free yourself from social media comparison is life changing!!  Comparing yourself to others full stop is damaging but to compare yourself to instagram accounts and fakebook accounts only hurts one person and thats YOU!  Here are some of my top tips to free yourself from social media comparison.

Its Never Real…….

Fakebook!  Instaspam!  The “ideal” life!  Portraying life, bodies, relationships and parenting as something it’s not!!!  REMEMBER you never get to see behind closed doors!  There is no such thing as the perfect life but social media is all about depicting this!!!  Get real about this and REMEMBER that people mainly show you what they want you to see!!


“UNFOLLOW” people or “HIDE” them  (if you fear you may upset someone!!)  if they are causing you to feel rubbish or what they post causes you to feel a certain way then do not expose yourself to it!! 

Photoshop And Alterations!

Filters / angles and professionally touched up photographs!!!!!!  Come onnnnnn be real!  MOST pics have been altered, angled a certain way or taken by a professional!!!  Do not compare your body, face or lifestyle to these images!!  For example cellulite has been photo shopped out, skin smoothed, sometimes the waist has been tucked in!!!  Filters used, standing a certain way to emphasise a certain shape!!

You Are Inspirational!!

Follow more accounts that light you up and motivate you!!  Find your people!!!!!  Follow those that inspire, empower and lift you!

Times UP!

Have your limits!!!  Mindless scrolling for hours  is good for no one……..even when full of positiveness!!!

I like to think i am providing a real account!  No hiding behind filters and alterations to images……….i tell the truth, i’m not afraid of showing the real mean my mission is to inspire people to be better!!! Follow Me Here


Vicki xxx

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