I Can Only Help Those Who Want To Be Helped

Little tough love this one, i can only help those that want to be helped!  I can lead a horse to the most empowering, magical waters but i cannot force it to drink it!  I can provide the most EPIC life changing tools but if they are not put into action they won’t work!

Accept help……….its a no brainer to me!  Whenever i have wanted to achieve something i have got help…..found a coach, a mentor or an expert in that field.  Getting help is not weak, its actually super smart.  Then putting into action what they say, however uncomfortable it makes you feel!  Change can be scary, it can cause you to feel overwhelmed BUT if you want to achieve success you have to do it anyway!

Do what you say you are going to do

Do the work!  If you say you are going to train on a Monday then DO IT!  If you say you will prep your food then DO IT!   Doing what we say we are going to do is VITAL to changing habits, developing new ones and moving forward.  Is it easy?  No of course it isn’t BUT if you really are fed up with feeling fed up about yourself there is no other choice?

the blame game

No time?  Waiting for “things” to get better?  Covid?  No headspace to take care of myself (noooooo noooo noooo)  We all have time……..we just do not plan our time properly…….how long do you scroll social media?  Watch netflix?  Prioritise your time and more importantly see your health as important enough to make time for.  There will NEVER EVER be the right time, we have to just do it anyway.  Headspace is made when we feel good……the irony of not having any headspace for your health……..taking care of ourselves does nothing but bring us headspace.

tough love said with love

Sometimes we need tough love!  I always say with all the love in the world………if you are ready for help, ready to take action on how you feel then reach out and connect with me.

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