Size matters?  Let me make myself a bit clearer…….does your dress size matter?  Are they even real or the same in one shop to another?  Does your size define how fit, strong or healthy you are?  The truth is, none of it matters!!!

shop sizes

Come onnnnnn!!  Do not overthink sizes in shops……..they are all made in different factories, different people and sizes can vary in one shop to another.  Buy what FITS!  Even if its a size up from your “normal” size!  We are all very different shapes (this is wonderful, who wants to be the same!) so a size 12 may fit one size 12 women but not come close to fitting another size 12 women that is a different shape!  Get out of your own head and pick the size that FEELS good!

does it define you?

Does being a certain size define how fit, strong and healthy you are?  Is a size 10 that magic number?   When i am a size 10 i will be happy?  I know some incredibly fit, strong, flipping amazingly healthy women with size 14 legs because they are so muscular!!!!!!!  In my opinion, we work hard on ourselves, we train, we fuel ourselves right and we bring out the best we can be……..whatever the size may be……….a “size” will not determine whether you will be “happy” or not……its a journey and its SO MUCH MORE than that.

Do the work on yourself, embark on a journey that has more reasons WHY than to “lose weight”, be clear on your reasons why before you start and take all emphasis off of achieving a certain size that you “think” will be the answer to your happiness!!

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