The Fitness Industry Is Opinion Based

The fitness industry is opinion based.   All trainers, coaches and instructors have been on different paths.  They have experienced different things and that is how they create their unique toolbox.  No one is right, no one is wrong, i am a BIG believer in education, doing the courses, investing in the study BUT then what we learn through experience creates our unique toolbox.

What is very important

You find a coach or trainer that inspires you!  You can trust them and you feel excited when they come up with a plan for you and they are genuinely invested in your success.  Trust me when i say, there are a lot of trainers out there that are only concerned about themselves, their image and your success looking good on them!!!  Do your research!!  How long has your coach been doing what they do?  Do they have a track record of success, if so, you want to see evidence?  Does their vibe appeal to you and make you want to message them?  Make sure you are compatible!!!!

do i care what others are doing?

Absolutely not!!  Its important that i stay in my lane, they stay in theirs.  I have my opinions that i am passionate about and they have theirs!  I am on my path to inspiring, empowering and changing the lives of others and they are on their own path to what they want to achieve!  Find your person!  The one that can inspire you to be better.  The one that will provide you with the support, guidance and accountability you need.  That person that can help you improve your life!  Stay in their lane.

I would love to hear from you if my energy fits yours!  Reach out, tell me what you need help with and lets chat……

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