Are You Really Being Kind?

What is being kind to yourself?  Are you really being kind to yourself by “letting yourself off” and by eating junk food because you have had a hard day?  Lets discuss being kind!!

What Does Being Kind Mean?

This phrase is thrown around at the moment, i’m just not sure i entirely agree.  When the going gets tough, we give up on ourselves because its “kinder” to do so?  The going gets tough, we dig deep, however hard it is and we do everything in our power to help ourselves?  YES, now thats being kind!!  I just think sometimes “being kind” it mixed up with letting ourselves off or making excuses to let ourself off!!

Be KIND To Yourself

Allow more time for you.  Decide that being kind means looking after yourself, doing what you say you are going to do, taking time to fuel yourself right, take time to train, make the decision that you NEED to be kind to yourself by looking after yourself!!  Being kind is NOT slowing on the sofa, eating ice cream and not training because life has got tough!!  (said with love always!!)

This all may seem really tough, may ruffle some feathers BUT get real with yourself, how can being kind involve neglecting ourselves with junk food, zero movement and putting ourselves bottom of the pile????  Taking time out on our health is NOT kind!!

Want to be kind to yourself?  Input effort on you, give yourself permission to be important and start taking action on how you feel.

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