Thriving The Winter

Thriving the winter can be easy when we know how but a lot of years i just see people surviving!  Getting themselves through winter in the hope and anticipation of spring…… about we just work hard at thriving the winter?

Get outdoors

Get outside!  We wont melt!  Its not going to harm us to wrap up and get in the outdoors….even when cold!  Actually it will do wonders for us mentally and physically.  Being stuck indoors, in the heating may feel like the right thing to do but actually you are just making the situation worse.

Take your supplements

Vitamin D!!  Take it in the stack load!!  We NEED to supplement this from September – May but preferably ALL YEAR AROUND!  This is men, women and children too!  

giving up on yourself is not smart

DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!  This is NOT the time to decide to give up until January…….keep going, even if its a little less or START!  Continue to eat well or START!  Continue on your journey to greatness or START!  Waiting until January because November and December are “busy” is NOT SMART and will leave you with a mountain to climb!  You CAN achieve so much, even with SO MUCH going on!

get some help!!!

Get help.  Thats it!!  GET HELP!  If you find the autumn and winter tough then find someone to be accountable to.  Sign up to something.  Set yourself a challenge.  Decide this year WILL be different and you will not wake up in January thinking “oh my god, what have i done”!!


Plan some fun!!  Just because its winter it does not mean you cannot do fun things!!

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