Organised Like A Boss

To be organised like a boss…….it really is the key to success.

“Life is too short to be organised” I call BULLSHIT on that!!  Being organised is ESSENTIAL to success……you can be in organised chaos but spontaneity DOES NOT work in a busy life!! 

Plan WHEN, plan WHAT, plan HOW!  When will i train……put it into your diary and highlight it in PINK!!!  Its an important meeting with yourself!  What will i do…….follow a damn programme, stop winging it and hoping for results from a random youtube video!!  How will i get this done…….its NON NEGOTIABLE, you wouldn’t miss your dentist appointment or eyelash extension appointment would you???

If you WANT success then you must make it happen.  If you WANT success and you are frantically busy (like me!!)  then you must have a game plan!!  NO ONE HAS ANY TIME……you are not the only one who is busy!  Remember, if “she” can do it, so can you……just really depends on how much you want something.  Harsh?  Nope, its true!!

Highlighters, a diary, set alarms on your phone.  If being organised is new to you then make it easier with prompts, alarms and organisers!!

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