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Test My Tattoo, a new local business – trial your tattoo idea before committing

Loving how you look is a big part of the fitness journey. Looking in the mirror and being proud of what you see is a massive confidence boost.

Taking care of your body obviously makes a massive contribution to this and one thing you don’t want to have is an unwanted tattoo to look at each time. A great new tattoo that you love to look at can really help be a motivational drive, especially in the gym, and choosing the right tattoo can be a really tricky thing.

There are several things you might need to think about – the design, the shape / style, the meaning, the position on your body, what your friends / family might think, what outfits will it work with, how big should it be, will you change your mind etc etc. All these factors can be very difficult to fully consider when getting tattooed in a studio, so why not test your idea out at home first!

This is where Test My Tattoo can help. All you need to do is either send over a design you might already have or send over a brief of what design you want and you will receive a custom temporary tattoo at any size needed to trial at home first before you commit.

If your having a design created, test my tattoo have experienced tattoo designers who will create your custom piece just how you want and you will receive a high resolution image for your tattoo artist to work with also.

Test My Tattoo can create any size design, any colour and any style so even if it’s a full sleeve you’ve always wanted to test out, why not give it a try without the worry!

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