What a minefield!!!

Crossfit, yoga, cardio, aerobics, group exercise classes, bootcamps, resistance training, road running, treadmill running, pilates…….the list is endless!

Vegan, high protein (meat, fish), vegetarian, macro counting, calorie counting, fasting, regular eating, carb cycling…….the list is endless!

So what is right?

ALL OF IT! Everyone has an opinion or belief, it works for them, they are passionate about it, they teach others to do the same and change their lives BUT it will not work for everyone…….this is the beauty of the fitness industry! Fat loss, fitness and long term health can be found in many ways and on many journeys.

For me, throwing weights around (resistance/weights training) coupled with high intensity conditioning work (wall ball, slam balls, prowlers, sleds) works for me and has worked for thousands of my clients, however, there will be some people this doesn’t work for as they are not passionate about it, they do not enjoy it and their passion is something else (running, yoga, pilates etc).

Nutrition, i am a meat/fish eater, i eat regularly, i never skip meals or fast, my calories are not counted, i do not track my macros…….i eat a clean, nutritious diet full of a variety of foods, i do not weigh myself. For some this doesn’t work, its not rigid enough to achieve their goals but for myself its right for me at this point in my life. Sometimes i up my game and get a little bit “stricter” on myself but generally this is how i live with 2 kiddies 5 and 2, a VERY full time business, a house and of course a husband :-)! With clients, they need education so they follow plans, i guide and advise but the general rules are the same.

The industry is saturated right now, so who do we chose when looking for a personal trainer/nutrition coach??
This is a VERY important question and EVERYONE should be researching before working with a PT………

How long have they been in the industry? Personally, if i was looking to change my life, lose fat, achieve “health” and embark upon this huge life change i would be looking at experience of 6 years +.

Qualifications? The industry is full of PT’s with 6 weeks worth of training, mostly distance learning…….For me, this would not be good enough……i would want to see extensive qualifications…..dont be afraid to ask!! Any PT should be happy to share their hard work and dedication!

Do you like them? This is HUGE!!! You have to like, trust and look forward to going to see this person! Personal training is PERSONAL! There is so much more involved then turning up, working out and crawling out! Anyone who has been in the industry as long as me would say the same……..”I’m a personal trainer, councillor, friend and coach!”

Be sure to do your research, find the right person for you and most importantly COMMIT 🙂

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