Allow me to let you into a little secret…. there is no such thing as the “perfect diet”!! WHAT? I hear you cry, but look at Emma Willis on the TV, she always looks amazing….The key here is, is that she is CONSISTENT.

In my experience striving for the perfect diet is actually what makes women give up!! So, striving for the perfect diet will always ALWAYS end in failure, because perfection is not sustainable or in fact enjoyable. In order to see results you need to be CONSISTENT!

I see women do it time & time again. Or, if they do not quite eat “on plan” for one day or what they were “meant” to do didn’t quite happen……”that’s it!!!” The whole week is ruined!!! “I have failed” “I have to start all over again”………..this is NOT how it’s meant to be and it really doesn’t have to be this hard. Seriously, it doesn’t.

There are a few things you can do to bring results, and the key word is CONSISTENT. 

This doesn’t mean being strict 24/7 and never having fun and it doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have celebration meals or social nights out. With Christmas around the corner, sneaking in a few good CONSISTENT habits can make all the difference!

It means if you feed yourself well 80% of the time, the results will come and CONSISTENTLY feeding yourself well 80% of the time brings fast results too!! The photos below show how quickly results can be achieved if you make just a few changes. This incredible progress was achieved in just 4 weeks.  That’s right 4 weeks!  Just think what progress can be achieved before the Christmas party season begins!

No-one can maintain a gruelling strict diet that ultimately makes you feel miserable and makes you feel that you can’t enjoy life.  Start just aiming to make CONSISTENT good choices 80% of the time!!

So TOP TIP!! Give up trying to be “perfect” and just try to be more CONSISTENT. I promise you, you will feel great for Christmas and so proud of yourself for making some small life-changing steps.

On a practical level, this could mean trading in your morning toast or cereal for something like scrambled or fried eggs and ham. If you make CONSISTENT changes to your breakfast, you will see a difference!

You could ditch the routine 3pm biscuits for an apple and some hummous or even some slices of beef with cream cheese. Making little, yet CONSISTENT changes like this can really make a difference and you will soon be reaping the benefits and feeling amazing in the party season.

? Results COME when CONSISTENCY is there!!

? Big yourself up for all the well made decisions – you deserve to feel proud!

? Stop dragging yourself down & beating yourself up with the not so good decisions – move on and quickly!

? Make a commitment that tomorrow is a new day where you will be more CONSISTENT.

I’m all about sustainable results whilst living your life!  It doesn’t have to be as hard as I know a lot of women are making it!

Educate yourself, practice eating well 80% of the time, be CONSISTENT & give yourself a break!!!!
???? You Have Got This ????

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