Choose To Make Your Choices Count

It’s that time of year again…the dark mornings, followed by early dark evenings, followed by an overwhelming urge to hibernate and not show your face again until the dark age is well and truly over. What are you going to choose to do?

Picture the scene…duvet on the sofa every evening, snuggled up with a hot chocolate, the odd packet of hobnobs (i’ll only eat a few, you tell yourself) and a box set that you’ve already seen at least 3 times.  Fast forward to Spring. Daylight finally creeping through your window, gently waking you up, a slight warmth to the air, a feeling of freedom and dare I say it, the first glimpse of your spring/summer wardrobe. Then reality hits you and hard.  Everything is feeling a little snug, and little stretched, a bit like that sausage on the bar -b-q….Suddenly you wish you hadn’t been quite the hibernating sloth through the dark age after all.

How can you do things differently?

You can talk yourself through the dark winter months and approach Spring like gazelle – eager, energetic, ready for anything. As with anything in life, you have a choice.  You make choices all the time, whether good or bad and either way you have to accept the choice you have made.  The key word here is CHOICE.  

You can choose not to work out.
You can choose to make poor food choices
You can choose to make yourself feel worse
You can choose to let everything you have worked so hard for slide.  

However, you know and I know that these types of choices only lead a feeling of underwhelm, a feeling of low energy (both physically and mentally), and a feeling of slugishness.  If all of these feelings were colours they would be nappy yellow, poo brown, stagnant pond green. Would you choose to wear those out, in all your glory? I think not.

So, here is what you can choose to do.  

You can choose to commit to yourself through these dark months because you are important and you do matter.

You can choose to feed yourself really well.  If you are craving the warmth of hibernation, then make hearty wholesome soups.  If you need more carb in your daily diet than normal, split it into two portions throughout the day.

You can choose to get out of your own way and train.  If this means committing to two quality sessions rather than your normal three for the next few months, then so be it.  Consistent quality training will always be your friend!

How can I help you?

I can provide you with everything you need to make your choices easier and consistent.  Through my membership site I can give you the motivation you need, I can give you success stories (and there are plenty!) of women who are transforming their mindset and bodies to be the very best version of themselves, I can give you fabulous nourishing recipes that the entire family can enjoy, I can give you professional advice and support for whatever stage you are at in your journey.  I can do all of this, but it will only work if you make a choice.  

Choose how much you want to change. Commit to it and choose to give it your all. Be consistent with your choices and when it’s not going to plan, choose to reach out, get support and move on. You can do it, you just have to make the right choice.

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