Change one thing, and it leads to many more!

This is an extract from one of my fabulous members from my online membership site.  It gives you an incredible insight into how change has brought her so many positives – more than she ever thought!

Making a list of all the changes that have happened to her since joining Vicki PT Online Membership Site, led to some interesting discoveries!

It is no surprise how making some small, consistent changes has lead to enormous benefits and this is what she posted:

  • I eat breakfast EVERY day without fail
  • I don’t drink instant coffee anymore (unless it’s the only option!)
  • I don’t drink any fizzy drinks anymore
  • Evening snacking very rarely happens
  • I can leave food on my plate at the end of a meal (this is huge for me as I come from a home where you didn’t waste food and were ‘rewarded’ with dessert for eating everything)
  • I only use my car when I really have to (normally only Monday and Tuesday on my work days)
  • I exercise 3/4 times a week consistently
  • My periods are regular again and my sleep has improved so much
  • I don’t weigh myself every day
  • This week I have worn all my holiday clothes in public (you know the ones…the ones that you don’t want people to see you in so only let strangers see you in them) I’ve even had some nice comments too!

When you make a change, make sure you are consistent

Change in all areas of her life has happened because she is consistent and accountable to herself. She knows that change to her mindset has come through putting herself first and making her health a priority. Change to her body her happened because she makes time for training. All of these small things add up to multiple changes that benefit her whole life!

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