The Crash Dieting Shit Storm

This is an unfiltered blog!  If you haven’t listened to my podcast on this topic please do!  Crash dieting shit storm ruining women lives!  I am incredibly passionate about this subject and its my mission to get women away from these diets forever!


Are you really ok with spending hundreds of pounds a month on such rubbish?  I see women spending up to £250 per month on shit shakes, soups and ridiculous fat loss bars!!

Be Smart!!

Health!  Is it ever a consideration?  What will happen to my health if i eat 500 calories a day?  Am i likely to damage my body by following this diet?  It baffles me that women do not consider what these crash diets are doing to them, short term but most importantly long term!  Fat free products, these bars that are meant to help you “lose weight”, the soups, the microwave meals…….dare i say the jabs!!!  My goodness, get smart about this, health first ALWAYS!

Role Model To Small People…..

Ok, will keep this short.  Your small people around you are watching your every move……..what you do, how and what you eat and your normals become theirs……….are you showing them the way?

Failed Before…..

WHY OH WHY do people keep going back to these crash diets and dieting companies when they KNOW it doesn’t work!  “i lost 2 stone but gained 4”????????  Come on get smart!!  They are built to fail so you keep going back.

When I Get To My Goal I Will Be Happy……

When your number 1 and only 1 reason why is to lose weight what happens when you get there?  You loosen the restrictions you have put upon yourself for months and the weight starts coming back, plus some.  Weight loss IS NOT ENOUGH!  Weight loss is inevitable when i work with my clients, its something that WILL happen when you follow the principles BUT i encourage my clients to write down their REAL reasons why………health, happiness, being a role model to your children, showing up for your business, showing up in your relationships and then the by product is you achieve a kick ass bod!  Its a full transformation.

Crash diets feed a poor relationship with food.  Drive and engrain messy relationships with yourself.  Encourage disordered behaviours around food, exercise and self.

My mission is to show women the way, free them from crash diets and forever and educate them on how looking after themselves can be effortless and ENJOYABLE!  Join my tribe here

As always, every word said with LOVE!

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