The Importance Of A Programme……

Structure, routine and the knowing you are doing something an expert has set.  The importance of following a programme!  No thinking about what you are going to do…..wasting precious training time figuring it all out!  Avoiding randomly picking programmes off of youtube, continuously doing one “HIIT” programme after another (eye roll)

Be Smart About It…….

Over the past 18 years i have watched women (and men) walk into a gym, look around, dabble on the treadmill, cross trainer and bike to then do 3 sets of 15 reps on every machine based bit of equipment to then go home (more eye rolling) and to then follow this for 10 years.  Surprisingly, results never come…..some last 10 years, others give up after 3 months as they feel its pointless as nothing is changing…..the cycle repeats itself.

The Power Of Expert Programming

Exercises that compliment each other, programmes written specifically to optimise fitness, strength and fat loss, routine, structure, you know what to do and when to do it, what weight to use, the reps you need to do and the sets.  Its all laid out for you.  Its a no brainer!!  Time efficiency, progression, someone to ask if things need tweaking and a fast track to your goals.

Something Is Better Than Nothing?

Absolutely NOT!  Generally if we want results we have to do the work right?  You could grapevine for months and see no change so for me, something is not better than nothing when it comes to exercise selection.  Sitting on your bum or going for a walk is different, of course i would chose movement BUT when it comes to scheduled exercise…….make it count!

On my membership site the training programmes unlock monthly, they progress from month to month like graduation, getting progressively more challenging and keeping your body on its toes!!  My members love it when their new programme unlocks, sometimes they go back to ones they really enjoy, sometimes they do programmes that are not their favourite……..its the stuff we do not like that usually changes us after all!  Seek structure.  Be ok to ask for help and FOLLOW A PLAN!  Its a fast track to your goals and will keep you progressing.

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