Your Future Self……..Do You Know Her?

Your future self, that person in the future you want to be!  If you heard two people talking about you what would you want them to be saying?  Who do you aspire to be?  If you were to put on some life goggles and zoom out, how would you like to see yourself in your future?

THIS is important as everything you do right now makes that person in the future!

Right Now……

Everything you do right now goes towards the person you will be in the future.   Whenever i have a wobble, doubt myself or need focus i call on my future self (sounds woo woo…..bare with me!).  I ask myself what would “vicki” do?  That successful, brave, bold woman in the future……..would she say no, would she feel the fear and run away or would she step up feel the fear and then do it anyway??  If i want to be my future self, i need to act like her!!!

The Task……

Who is your future self?  Bullet point who she is, what she does in struggle, how she approaches life, is she bold, decisive, does she lead the way for her children, show them the way, does health come easy for her…….write who she is then practice acting like she would!!  In times you want to throw the towel in ask yourself what she would do!!  If you do this, PLEASE share her with me!

I make poor decisions sometimes.  Sometimes i DO NOT act like who i want to be BUT its far less often than it used to be!!  I practice being the Vicki i want to be more often than not.  I do not do perfection over it, i do my best, i never dwell and i just go for next time being better.

The secret to long term transformation……..the full package approach!!  Bringing it all together, focusing on nutrition, training, MINDSET, lifestyle and having a good solid community!

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