Asking For Help Is So Smart!!

Asking for help is smart NOT a weakness.  People that are willing to ask for help get to destinations quicker and usually with a lot less stress.  I have said before about having a coach in every corner, if i want to learn something, get better at something or achieve something that isn’t my specialist area, i find an expert that can get me there!!

Most Common Messages I Get

“I should be able to do this myself”, “i know what to do……..i just”, “i feel so selfish investing in something thats just for me, when i should be able to just do it myself”

Cue, eye rolling and huffing in frustration from me!!  WHY “should” you be able to do it yourself???  If you are spinning lots of plates, doing everything for everyone else, looking after everyone else…….WHO is looking after you??    Finding  and having support is a huge part of success in my eyes.  ASK FOR HELP!

“I Know What To Do”

This one gets me every time, if this was the case then you would be in a different position right?  There is so much conflicting information out there that i find most people need educating and guided onto the right path as their brain is full of lots of different information and “ways”.

BIGGEST TIP;  Trust one process!  Avoid dabbling from one programme or way of life to the next……….trust someone and their advice and stick to it

As For Feeling Selfish……..

WELL, how on earth can you give your people everything if you give yourself NOTHING!  Remember you are the captain of the ship, your precious ship!  You go down and they are going with you.

Ask for help!  Its smart!  It WILL change your life!

Need some help?  Pop me a message, i would love to!

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