What Does Success Look Like?

Is success looking like someone else?  Somebody else’s body?  Or is it something unrealistic?  What success looks like to you is SO important………i see women striving for something thats not even there a lot of the time…..honestly, i did it for years!

striving for that instagram body….

Its unlikely that body looks like that all year round!!  Pro pics on rotation!!

Remember “professional” pics ARE edited and they 100% know how to stand, what to tense and the lighting to use!!  Heaven forbid anyone saw those imperfections!

They have a life that allows them to focus purely on their physique!  They slog over it!  Does your life allow that working full time, running a business or chasing 3 kids??  be realistic here!!

Someone else’s body?


Genetics, lifestyle, upbringing, life circumstances, height, shape, density………WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT (YIPPEE!!)


Be realistic with your goals………….allow the inevitable to happen and bring out that BEST version of you………you may even be supposed what you achieve as YOU!!

Ask yourself some questions?  Do i want that 6 pack and everything that comes with it??  The restriction, the saying no to social events just incase you “slip up”??  The constant grind!!

Having some body fat DOES NOT mean you are unhealthy or “out of shape”!!  Its actually pretty normal for women!

Success is truly individual but for me and in my experience its truly finding confidence within your very own unique body!  Liking what you see in the mirror.  Enjoying wearing your favourite outfits.  FEELING GOOD!!  The most under used goal!!  Having a sustainable routine where you look after that one body you have.  Feeling strong, looking strong…..being strong!!!

Get clear on what success is for you, YOU are YOU, stop striving for what others have or look like!  Celebrate every mini success, they add up!!  Your success CAN be different to somebody else’s!  Actually, its pretty normal!

The best YOU!

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