Support YOUR Small Business, They Need You……

What A Year, As A Person AND As A Business!!

Wow, what a year!  Its been testing, frustrating and can i say positive all at the same time?  I know small businesses have had to think differently, try new things and dig deep to keep going………….i am there with you all!  This year small business need you!


Dig deep and carry on!  Keep getting up!  If one thing doesn’t work be ok with trying a different route.  I think we will all come out of this much more resilient………in need of a good holiday!!!  I wanted to take this opportunity to shout out some small businesses that i have collaborated with, connected with and also made friends with in this time.

The Entrepreneurs Growth Club – I am not actually sure if i would have survived without the support of not only Charlie Day but also the amazing women that are part of the club too……….women supporting women always!

Loony Legs – We ran a competition together!  We connected!  The leggings are epic!  Bespoke small businesses like this are just awesome!

Anna From Animated Physio – we have collaborated, used our expert knowledge to help others and brainstormed when we have needed to!  We are local to each other so watch this space for future in person collabs!

Music Monsters , Raising Powerful Kids , Amie At Parlour , the list is endless!!

2021 is going to be rebuilding some businesses that have really struggled in this time, i for one will be thinking small business when i buy gifts and looking to shop local and small wherever i can!

If you are a small business and we can collaborate in any way then REACH out!!  Lets come together and rebuild in 2021 and beyond!

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