Weekend Bingeing And Why Restriction Does Not Work……

Restriction all week, bingeing at the weekend!  Ruining all your “hard work” at the weekends by bingeing?  I know that so many of you will be nodding and saying YES this is me!!!  I see it happen ALL THE TIME and fundamentelty its because of having too much restriction in your life!  Bingeing happens when we feel deprived and that binge mentality or “habit” can grow and escalate quickly!  Good news is you can reverse it quickly too!

Starve All Week, Binge All Weekend…….

Familiar?  “i have been so good all week” therefore i deserve a treat BINGE ALLLLLL weekend!!  This crash dieting mentality or this all or nothing approach just leads to women getting fed up and giving up all together as eventually staying the same all the time gets frustrating!!

“Cheat Days”

Im growling as a write those words!  Its a huge pet hate of mine when coaches, trainers and “dieting consultants” advocate “cheat days”!!  Its like helping a client develop a poor relationship with food or more than likely just worsen it!  I give you permission to BINGE from morning until night for a whole day!  It makes no sense to me, it just leaves you feeling hungover from poor food choices and will usually go on for a couple of days which then leads to starting again Monday and having to go through a huge comedown……….

What Happened To Moderation???

Restriction DOES NOT work!  “I can’t have” DOES NOT work!  Learning moderation and enjoying your favourite foods in moderation DOES work.  Yes it takes time, support and some guidance but finding out that moderation is an option is LIFE CHANGING!!  Some tips to try;


 Treat weekends like every other day of the week.  Have structure, have routine and make sure you have meal times!

Exercise at the weekend!   Most of us have more time at the weekend so use it to get in good quality training sessions………the weekend also does not give us a free card to do nothing and binge!!

Set boundaries…… you need to eat 3 plates of takeaway on a Saturday night just incase you do not get to eat it again EVER????  Eat your favourite foods in moderation………hey, why not allow yourself a takeaway on a Wednesday!!!!

Sack off “good” and “bad” foods!  How about what is this food going to do for my health?  Or how is this food going to make me feel?  Stop making food choices around whether it is going to make you fat or not and start making choices for your health and how you want to feel!


Allow “Treats” Midweek….

I hear the gasping of women when i say this!!!  Start creating a mentality of “i can have” whatever i want as long as i move, i exercise and most importantly i just have a little!!  Step away from this damaging dieting mentality……..its miserable and its not sustainable!  There is no reason why you cannot have your favourite foods and drink in moderation and STILL achieve all of your goals……….you can choose to have them at the weekend in moderation or maybe you will choose Tuesday!!!  See the week as 7 days, 7 days to achieve!!  Not just 5!  Strict Monday – Friday regimes WILL lead to bingeing at the weekend, find a set of principles that are doable and doable for life!!

I help women daily overcome strict, regimented routines!  It seems impossible but its not!

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