Lets Talk Hormones And Fat Loss

Taboo?  But why?  Its a natural thing, an amazing thing and actually if you want long term fat loss and freedom from debilitating PMT you need to get to know your body and talk about your hormones more!

In this blog i want to give you some usable tips to go away and start implementing into your life to optimise fat loss and work with your hormones rather than against them!

Get all detective on your body!

Track Like A Detective

Get yourself an app or use a good old fashioned calendar!  Track your cycle, mood, behaviour and how you feel.  Over 6 months you will see patterns which in turn will give you your reasons WHY!  Why you want to eat 4 potatoes……its 2 days before your period!  An explanation to why you feel you have gained 10 stone overnight………its the day before your period!  Why you feel bloated, sluggish and sleepy………you are ovulating!

From a fat loss perspective, when we track we have an explanation.  Its normal to gain a few pounds before your period…………

Honestly, don’t over complicate things!


Lets keep this simple.  If we want effective, long term fat loss we must treat our complex female body with respect!  Fuel it with nutritious whole foods.  Exercise it!  Take care of it and be kind to it.  Crash dieting will FEED imbalance……be smart!!

With regard to exercise, too much excessive cardiovascular exercise can screw up the hormonal system…….balance it out, weights and cardio…….i have a podcast that goes into this in depth (cardio vs weights for fat loss) go and check it out here;

Podcast; Cardio Vs Weights For Fat Loss


This is a blog on its own!  I will keep this short and sweet and something you can implement immediately.  Without knowing someone individually its very difficult to advise.  The two i would highly recommend are  Magnesium glycinate and vitamin D!  Get those essential supplements into your life, for hormonal balance but also for general health!

And breathe! Managing stress is so under rated!

Stress Management

This is so vital!  Find a way of managing your stress!  A walk, meditation, a bath on your own (without children dive bombing in!), something thats just YOURS!

Exercise, looking after yourself, getting enough sleep and meeting your needs!  You can’t pour from an empty cup and your system cannot function on empty.  If you want to be a fine captain of the most precious ship then you need to prioritise your health.

To Summarise

Look after yourself!  You are important, some would say the most important…….balancing your hormones doesn’t have to be a slog, it can be quite simple if you apply the right principles.  I have a podcast on this exact topic too!  Will pop this link below so you can have a listen;

Podcast; Lets Talk Hormones

If you have any questions, need any advice, my inbox is always open!



Lets balance those hormones!

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