The Time Is NOW…….Right Where You Are

How are you feeling?  Not yourself?  Felling totally out of control of your mind and body?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Its been one of the most challenging years, we have been tested beyond belief, the last 3 months have been TOUGH but the time is NOW that we take action to heal!

NOW is always the best time!

Here Is The Tough Love…….

If you feel like rubbish then do something about it!  STOP wallowing in the covid swamp and take some action, not in 2 months, not on Monday, not when you can meet 6 people, the time is NOW!  Ask yourself……what is more painful?  Feeling how you feel right now?  Or doing something about how you feel right now?

You Have A Choice……….

Essentially you have a choice, choose to stay stuck feeling fed up, miserable about yourself and terrified to leave the house feeling like you do OR choose to slowly take baby steps towards feeling better…………i am NOT saying go on some faddy crash diet to quickly, unhealthily lose weight, i am talking taking on a journey to improve you, mentally and physically!

It is SMART To Ask For Help & To Invest In YOU!

Ask For Help!!!

Wow, the amount of women i STILL hear saying asking for help is a weakness is frustrating to say the least!  “I should know what to do” is the most common message i get OR “i am just not very good at this” OR “i just have no will power, i will probably fail” OR “my head is just not in the right place”.

Firstly, WHY should you know what to do?  and even if you do why is it not ok to need support, accountability and guidance?     WHY are you so certain you will fail?  If you have failed before it does not mean you will fail again………and as for your head, well, how can your head be in the right space if you are not moving your body, not eating a healthy diet and feeling miserable all the time about how you have “no control” over yourself??  (tough love always said with love!)  Bat that excuse party down and just take action.

Why Tomorrow Or “Monday” Just Never Comes…….

There is no perfect time to “start”.   No perfect day, no perfect week, no perfect month…….there will be obstacles every single step of the way that you have to overcome, hence why i feel intensely passionate about the banishment of crash dieting!!!!!!  A REAL transformation of yourself comes from a long term commitment to making better choices and moving your body, education and learning a new way of life…..with a support system……yep i am bias as i have an online community but i honestly believe women succeed so much more when they have someone or a group of people to lean on!  The time is NOW!  You could put it off and put if off until YEARS have passed!  Just START, where you are right now!  Find someone to help you and START!

Im on a mission.  A mission to help drag women out of the covid swamp.  Will starting feel good?  Probably not!  Anything new feels scary, feels out of reach, feels overwhelming BUT after a short period of all of that you all of a sudden realise you CAN………IM HERE, IM READY TO HELP, My inbox is always open.

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