Success, is it plain sailing?

Of course not!  Success isn’t about getting it right all the time, far from it actually!  Success is achieved by consistently getting up, no matter how hard you fall.  Trusting the process, accepting the ups and downs and striving for forward whenever possible.

Failure is inevitable………

Yep, its NORMAL and its all part of it.  Fail fast i say!  Learn from the failures early on and get used to not getting it right all the time.  Embrace these mishaps as a massive learning to move forward quicker.  The thing is, life WILL throw obstacles at you (especially if you are a mummy!!), things will get in the way, sometimes training feels terrible, sometimes it will feel great……….thats all part of the journey.  The key, doing it even when it feels terrible, never submitting to the excuse party on your shoulder.

Be prepared to go backwards

Going backwards, standing still or moving sideways happens too!  Again, its all part of it and we must learn to always see tomorrow as a new day to succeed!  Something i say to my members and clients all the time……… will you react?  Here is an example………..2 weeks of eating rubbish and not exercising, will you submit and give up entirely on your goals or will you REACT the right way?  Which is hit reset and start again!!  ALWAYS carry on, give up once and ta dah its your default reaction!  It may feel like the easy option BUT it actually just buries you deeper in the pit of unhappiness.


Success…..this image really represents what i am talking about here, print it, pin it up and remind yourself regularly that its OK to screw up!

Summarise Success!

There will be almighty highs, there will be rock bottom lows, you may find yourself feeling like you are neither going forward or backwards but the one thing you stay committed to is keeping going!  If you have to sometimes start over…..thats OK too!  A huge ethos to my site and with my members and clients is “we keep moving forward… matter how fast or indeed how slow, we celebrate small wins, they equate to the big ones and we never give up”


This amazing lady has had her ups, her downs but has most importantly kept going!


keep going everyone, there is light at the end of this tunnel

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