Damage Control is key!
I know this time of year can play havoc with your good intentions, but don’t fret!  By applying a bit of damage control, you can still enjoy yourself 100%. By this, I mean plan well for those nights out – before and after the event. Don’t leave it to chance – be accountable for the choices you make, and just allow yourself a little more slack than usual!

Don’t waste time feeling guilty
It is totally possible to have a fabulous time at Christmas without feeling guilty about eating off plan or gaining a bit of extra weight.  In my opinion, guilt is a wasted emotion. Don’t waste your time and energy on it – dump it now! As a result, focus on a few key strategies.  For instance, ensure damage control is part of your Christmas plan and have some realistic intentions that are achievable. 

Here are my damage control top tips for staying on track as much as possible whilst still getting in the party mood:
➡️ Expectation – change it!! Come on, you are not going to shed heaps of fat in that month running up to Christmas……unless you are on a very strict regime……expect that you can damage control it & do the least amount of damage possible!! Or even maintain!

➡️ Christmas meals out……..ENJOY it!! If you know you have that social engagement on a Friday night then Monday – Friday sharpen up on your food, train as many times as possible, eat really well up until that meal then enjoy it!! When you wake up on Saturday morning, get back on that horse and treat your body like a temple to limit the damage from the night before.

➡️ Party Day……do a heavy leg workout!! Big Bang for your buck exercises that will burn heaps of fat and give your damage control strategy a massive boost! Really control your carbohydrate intake on party day, keep them on a low & reduce your food intake a little that day to make up for the party………

➡️ Choose the carbs or choose the booze! This is a CHOICE but if you want to encourage damage control, then this is a good tip!! If you are going to drink heaps of booze then be smart with the meal & cut out the carbs (don’t have the bread, the potatoes) or the other way round.

➡️ Alcohol…… is not great for your waistline or your head!! Gin & slimline is better! Champagne is better than wine (??) chose a spirit and slimline over wine & beer. Or reduce the amount of it you would “normally” have! It’s all choice and what impact you want to make.

➡️ Water.…..with excess alcohol, sugar, indulgent foods make sure your fluid intake is at an all time high! 3/4 litres of pure water a day!! Flush it out! Think of it as literally flushing the damage away!

➡️ MOVE, add extra training sessions in, do 15,000 steps daily instead of 10,000, damage control those nights out! Power exercises are a fabulous way to increase your damage control and fat burn.

➡️ Ensure you have plenty of good food choices in the fridge for the next morning.  Go high fat – fry up without the beans or bread is perfect!

Above all, these easy hacks can really help to keep you on track over this period!! 

You CAN damage control the festive period and wake up in January with NO mountain to climb!! It doesn’t have to be a disaster!! 

You CAN enjoy it fully and not put yourself back in your journey!

You CAN set the intention for damage control this Christmas, and come out on top for the New Year.

It’s never too late! Come and join my tribe.

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