Don’t wait!
Restart, reboot, restore, re-establish, re-connect – call it what you will, I can 100% tell you now that it’s absolutely ok to start again….and again….and again.

Sometimes life is on hold
Life is full of surprises, celebrations and commiserations. As a result, it sometimes just gets in the way and prevents you from doing what you want.  It happens to us all and from time to time it will happen again. BUT, it’s always ok to start again.

I googled the definition of starting again and it told me this: “abandon what one is doing and make a new beginning”. I totally love this phrase!  I’m not sure you would find me using the term ‘one’, but you get the meaning, right?! 

If it’s not working, cut it out!
This definition is so true! Abandon what is not serving you, and find the courage and determination to start again. You are an amazing human being and you are blessed with having your own free will.  You can decide when you want to do this, you can decide when you’ve had enough of feeling rubbish and you can decide when you want to START AGAIN!

Listen to yourself, not others
Do you find yourself being consumed by what other people are thinking about you?  Those thoughts can prevent you from pushing forward and starting again for your own personal progress.  If there are echos of ‘oh, well her weight loss didn’t last long’ or ‘look, she’s fallen off the wagon again’ then IGNORE them. You are making decisions about starting again because it’s important to you.  You are using your free will to start again because you want to be the best version of you.

Don’t be afraid to give it another go!
? Promise me this – never waste time worrying about what other people or your coach will think if you have to start again! People should be inspired and proud that you haven’t just given up and run away from it! You have said YES I’m hitting reset and I am here to start again……..that’s amazing!  For instance, you won’t ever see me judging anyone for starting again. I will be full of praise and support for you and encouraging you all the way!

? NEVER being afraid of starting again just in case you “fail” again! Failure is actually a huge part of success and growth! Learn from it, understand why you stopped and just start again! 

Reset, reboot, restart – whatever you want to call it, it’s all about giving yourself an opportunity to start again and be the best version of you.

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