Let me tell you a little secret. A few years back my confidence was low, firstly, I was worried about what people thought of me. I was overly concerned about being judged and above all I would often apologise for being me, leading me to feel demotivated and stuck.

Did it serve me well?  Hell no! 

Was it a waste of my time and energy?  Hell yes!

Fast forward to 2019/2020 – these are years of growth for me which means  I have invested in ME! I have worked hard on myself and am still working hard on myself because I am always learning.  I don’t need to apologise for being me, therefore, I am enough.

I want to live an EXTRAORDINARY life which in turn means I have goals and aspirations.  If I was to make a list of all elements that make up ME, it would look like this:

    • passionate
    • go-getter
    • determined
    • driven
    • strong
    • successful

Of course, I wouldn’t apologise for those things. BUT the traits below also make me who I am and I no longer feel the need to apologise for them!

    • I fail at things – great because I learn, and learn quickly
    • I’m emotional – fabulous because I really care
    • I couldn’t care less what people think of me because I know my self-worth.
    • I am firey and have an opinion – watch out because I take NO shit!

 ALL of the above is ME and I don’t apologise for it!

This year I’m unleashing the REAL fierce Vicki. In the past, I would apologise for MYSELF, my traits, my personality, how I do things, my beliefs. However, I have made a commitment to change this!

I would worry a lot and overthink what others thought of me and it lead me to realise that we ALL put so much energy into what other people think and how we “should” behave that we waste so much time not excelling at ourselves……(sound familiar!!!?) (it’s taken me time and WORK to change this!!) 

When we begin to unleash ourselves the magic happens!!!  

One of my biggest goals is to help other women be themselves and not apologise for it! Love their bodies, make themselves a priority and start living an extraordinary life free of restriction!

My “vehicle” to do this is nutrition, training, mindset, and lifestyle!  It’s everything! It’s life-changing! I’m building a tribe, a community that all want the same thing…….to become the best version of themselves!!  In EVERY way!

Not believing in ourselves, judging ourselves, doubting ourselves & generally not liking ourselves keeps us STUCK!!  STUCK in the same place……if we are not careful for a very very long time if not forever!!!  

Do something for you!! For your self-development!!  Just for YOU!! Unleash that YOU that is unapologetically YOU!! Work on yourself & work hard!! 

Want help? 

Come join my community…..

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