‘What if’ has a lot to answer for. Sometimes our own nagging doubts truly get in the way of our own success…

What if I can’t follow the plan?

Self-doubt is such a negative belief.  It feeds our anxious self and talks us into thinking that we can’t achieve what we want. It really doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could follow my membership site, with its awesome tribe of women all inspiring each other. What if, this could be you?

Without probably realising it, you have been following things all your life! You follow the rules of the road when you drive, you follow recipes to make something new. The consequences of not following these things means that you could potentially have an accident or a sloppy mess for tea!  What I am trying to say is that you make a conscious decision on a daily basis to follow certain things. My plan is no different. You make a choice about the changes you want to happen to yourself and your body, and by embracing that, those changes will happen. With the enormous amount of advice and encouragement on the private forum and the support you will receive from me, you will succeed……but only if you want to!
It’s just a change in mindset, that’s all.

What if my friends judge me for trying something new / different? 

People are funny, aren’t they?!  The minute you say you’re going to start something new, then everyone has an opinion on it, or worse they try and change your mind.  In my humble experience, those people that are judgemental or try to sabotage your newly laid plans are jealous. Their lack of support often comes from a place of insecurity; worried that you are going to make lifestyle changes that will leave them behind.  Ignore them. They are not you. They have a choice too – leave them to make theirs.
Stay strong, keep focussed and believe in yourself.

What if I don’t lose much weight?

If you follow my plan 80% of the time, you will see changes to your body!  This means aiming to make the right choices 6 days out of 7 and being consistent (this is key!). Remember, everyone and everybody is totally different.  I have women in my forum that have lost a lot of weight. I have women in my forum that have dropped 2 dress sizes but have only lost 7lbs. Don’t be a slave to the scales.  Just think: when was the last time someone asked you how much you weigh? Probably never. What people are more likely to say is ‘You look great!’ You choose which is the better compliment!
The success of your transformation is entirely down to you and I am here to support you with it.

What if I can’t train 3 times per week?

Certainly don’t waste your precious energy on worrying about it!  Do what you can! Anything is better than nothing. If 10 minute HIIT programmes work for you better, then so be it!  If doing a brisk walk in your lunch hour is what you can fit in, then do that. Getting the food right should be your priority in the outset – crack that and you are onto a winner.
Consistently do what you can, not what you can’t.

What if it’s too much money?

You do the maths – £29.99 per month.
Put it another way, £7.50 per week. 
Put it crudely, the same cost as a bottle of Prosecco or 2 posh coffees from CostaBucks.
Does that sound like alot for a healthier, more confident, fitter person?  I can’t think of many places where you can learn and embrace nutrition principles for life, with the support of an incredible tribe of women, and the expertise of a personal trainer and nutrition coach that will enable you to make significant health gains and weight losses.
If you really want to make a change then you will find a way.

There are so many online plans already, why should I choose yours?

You’re right, there are hundreds! Some are credible, some aren’t.  This is down to personal choice and who you think you’re going to get along with.  Check them all out, check their credentials, check their level of support and see who fits you better.
Only you can make that decision.

If you always think ‘What If’ then you will never know what you can achieve.

Stop sitting on the fence or trying to find short cuts!

Tell the extremely unhelpful and annoying voice in your head to shut up, stop overthinking it and start living life on your terms! 

What if you gave my online membership site a try?
What if you regained confidence in your body, improved your health and your mindset?
What if you actually really enjoyed it?!

Come and join my tribe and see what you can achieve.


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